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A Message from Preludes director, Jill Anna Ponasik

I have had the supreme pleasure of standing in a rehearsal room, and watching a stellar family of artists prepare to share Preludes with you.  It is a challenging, tiring, inspiring, heart-warming process that usually leads to an opening night.

But, as a caution related to the coronavirus, we have cancelled all 7 performances of Preludes

We treasure our community and your good health.

Please be well.

 Joe Picchetti
Dahl: Jenny Wanasek
Natalya: Alaina Carlson
Chaliapin: Gage Patterson
Chekhov, et al.: Bill Jackson

Creative Team
Stage Director: Jill Anna Ponasik
Music Director: Ruben Piirainen
Lighting Designer: AntiShadows
Sound Designer: Derek Buckles
Costume Designer: Lisa Quinn
Stage Manager:  Allison Kasprovich

 Ruben Piirainen
Synthesizer 1: Leticia Broetto
Synthesizer 2: Marty Butorac