Against Type: Coming This May!

On May 26th and 27th, come on out and join us for Against Type! Roles I’ll Never Play But CouldWe can’t wait to return to the Comedy Sportz Garage for an evening of fun performances and great silent auction prizes! There will be acting, music, a full bar and kitchen and a whole lot of fun. Come out and join us and support our 2017 season!


Thank you for supporting Circle Mirror Transformation 

We are grateful for the support we received during our first production of the year, Circle Mirror Transformation. Thank you to all who came out to see the show, who spread the word on social media and who had such wonderful things to say about the show. What a great way to kick off our 2017 season!

Let’s Love

Our season is all about ordinary people who live complex, beautiful, heartbreaking and moving lives. We want to be able to unite people through theater amidst a world that has forces constantly trying to tear us apart. To tell these stories, we need your help. Ticket sales can only support a portion of our total costs to bring these shows to life. The rest comes through donations and sponsorships.

Our goal is to raise $5,000. This would be the equivalent of 500 donations of just $10. By chipping in this small amount (or a larger amount!) and spreading the word, you will help us to continue to create art this season.

Please consider supporting local artists through our GoFundMe campaign, and spread the word!

Thank you to our 2017 season sponsors!

A big thanks to our corporate sponsors who are helping to make this season possible.

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