Workshop productions happen before a script is ready for a full production. The script is written and has gone through edits, but as you know, plays are meant to be seen and heard, not merely read. 

Plays go through readings, so the playwright can hear the script outloud, experience how it will be interpreted by actors, and receive feedback on how to improve the script. Actors are often seated, and it’s primarily just what it sounds like — a reading. Actors reading the script aloud. 

Then plays go through workshops, which are more active than readings, but still not a full production. There aren’t full costumes or sets, but characters will move more similarly to a full production. 

Absent has already been through a reading at The Lab in Chicago and has undergone revisions based on that feedback. This workshop is the first time Absent can be seen by the general public – you have the opportunity to see it first and be part of how a play is created. 

Due to Absent’s nature as an immersive and innovative piece of theatre, we’re still learning exactly how it works. As such, a workshop will help us discover the length of the piece, how the different digital and live elements work, the right technology, the right pacing, and so forth. This means that there are elements of the production that may feel unpolished. It might run long. We appreciate both your patience and imagination as we navigate these developmental opportunities for growth. We will also be seeking your feedback to help Absent reach its final form, whatever that may be.

View more info on Absent here.