Russ Bickerstaff of The Shepherd Express: “Director Robby McGhee juggles all of the many elements of a crazy Jazz Age get-together made for contemporary musical theater. Perhaps the single best aspect of the production is that it genuinely feels like an untamed party occurring in musical theater format. Emotions feel real and people seem authentic whether they’re in the center of the action or not. In the intimate studio space at the Next Act Theatre, the cast tumbles around in a playful kind of energy that occasionally drifts into the darker edge of things.”

-Clifford Lee Johnson III, co-creator of The Wild Party: “Thank you for a crackling good show last night. Andrew would be as pleased as I was to see that TWP resides in such talented, smart, and sexy [a real necessity for this show] hands… You breathed life into an utterly unique show that’s much closer to THE THREEPENNY OPERA than a traditional musical comedy, which, of course, is why it’s somewhat misunderstood. But you understood it and wailed.”


All In Ordinary Days-62

Dave Begel of “Each of these four actors are delightfully able to fully develop their characters. There are no operatic voices here but they sound like singers who know the words are vital to any song that is supposed to convey a feeling or an emotion or a story… This production continues a very strong series of fascinating and risky plays, all of which have been wonderful productions… This town is much richer off for having them in our theater galaxy and their second season is one that I anticipate with great interest and expectation.”

Mike Fischer of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Warren — nerdy, gay, and a bit weird — ultimately proves the most likable of this quartet, thanks in large part to a winning performance from Dan Tellez, who captures what’s lovable and true in this lost and geeky soul.”

Amanda Sullivan of the Shepherd Express: “Thoughtful lighting by Alan Piotrowicz highlights the production along with stellar keyboard accompaniment by music director Patrick Thompson… The cast uses a mix of song and talk-singing to great effect throughout and provides an often humorous yet fully developed character portrayal.”

Russ Bickerstaff of the Shepherd Express: ” It would have been far too easy to balance out two pairings with two romances, but Gwon is going for something far deeper here and All-In under the direction of J.T. Backes does a really good job of bringing that to the stage.”



-Dave Begel of calls Dogfight “a stunning winner
-Jeff Grygny of the Milwaukee Examiner says “All In Productions has given this Milwaukee premiere a treatment as polished as any company in town could (and that’s saying a lot).”
-Anne Siegel of calls it “terrifically entertaining” and “a must-see show on their (Milwaukee playgoers) entertainment calendar.”


All In Little Shop Selections-14



Mike Fischer of the Journal Sentinel: “What I can tell you is how good it feels to watch Cinpinski” and says JT Backes gives a “…compelling performance”

Anne Siegel of “All four of these actors are young, promising newcomers. They strike a nice balance between the play’s poignant and funny moments.”


10830633_1618083841744496_508830876189562351_oMilwaukee Journal Sentinel: “‘The Last Five Years’ charts romance’s rise, fall from both directions
“[Amanda] Carson — whose terrific, wide-ranging performance provides reason aplenty to see this show — presents a Cathy who is comparatively reflective, burdened as she is by the history of what she’s lived and pining for all she has lost… [Michael David Stoddard] does a good job of capturing Jamie’s own insecurity, reflected through a hungry and impatient ambition involving Jamie’s meteoric rise as a novelist — coupled with a relentless focus” New theater company debuts with a spectacular ‘The Last Five Years’
“[Robby] McGhee, who has acted himself, is clearly a director who loves  and trusts his actors… It’s hard to put into words how absolutely riveting [Carson and Stoddard] were. These are not easy songs to handle, but under the astute and sensitive music direction of Colleen Schmitt, the two of them handled the most challenging moments with ease.” 14 best plays of 2014 display an embarrassment of theatrical riches
“7. The Last 5 Years was the opening production for a brand new company, All In Productions. This show makes the top 14 because they staged an evening of theater that was almost perfect. Julie Swenson, the highly-respected Producing Director of Renaissance, was in the audience opening night and she called the evening ‘magical theater.'”