2020 Diversity Generals

Milwaukee, Non-Equity, Diversity Auditions

The 2020 Milwaukee Diversity Auditions will take place February 17, from 9:30am – 4:30pm.

Who Should Sign Up?

Auditions are open to individuals who identify as at least one of the following: 

-Asian, Pacific Islander, or Asian American
-Black, African, Caribbean, or African American
-Indigenous, First Nation, or Native American
-Latinx/o/a or Hispanic
-Middle Eastern, North African, or Arab American
-South Asians or South Asian America
-Native Hawai’ian or Other Pacific Islander
-Gender Non-Binary, Genderqueer
-Agender, Neutrois
-Bigender, Androgene
-Aporagender, Third Gender
-Polygender, Multigender
-Genderfluid, Genderflux
-Other Underrepresented Forms of Gender Identity

Auditioners must be 18+ and a resident of Wisconsin. 

At this time, we are also accepting:

  • Headshots and resumes from actors of diverse sexual and affectional orientations and actors with disabilities. Please email your resume and headshot to alex.scheurell@allin-mke.com.
  • Director and Designer resumes and portfolios from individuals who identify as female and/or any of the aforementioned underrepresented groups. Please email your resume and portfolio to alex.scheurell@allin-mke.com.

How to Sign Up to Audition?

To sign up for a time slot, please email auditions@allin-mke.com by January 31, 2020. Once you’ve emailed your interest, you will receive a form to complete. Upon the submission of your completed form, you will receive confirmation of your slot. 

Auditions slots will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis. If the audition becomes filled, you may be placed on an alternative list in the event of cancellations. 

What Should I Prepare and Bring?

Each actor will have four minutes to perform two contrasting monologues or one monologue and one song. An accompanist will be provided. 

Please come 15 minutes before you slot and bring 26 copies of your headshot and resume. If you are singing, please also bring sheet music for the accompanist. 

If you have a financial barrier that would prevent you from otherwise participating in this audition, please email alex.scheurell@allin-mke.com and we will try to assist you in overcoming this barrier. 

Participating Theaters: 

All In Productions
Boulevard Theatre
Black Arts MKE
Bronzeville Arts Ensemble
Cabaret Milwaukee
Children’s Theatre of Madison
Cooperative Performance
First Stage Children’s Theater
Forte Theatre Company
Forward Theater Company
Kohl’s Wild Theater
Lori Lins Ltd.
Milwaukee Chamber Theatre
Milwaukee Opera Theatre
Milwaukee Repertory Theatre
Music Theatre of Madison
Next Act Theatre
Optimist Theatre/Shakespeare in the Park
Outskirts Theatre Co.
Renaissance Theaterworks
Schmitz and Giggles
Skylight Music Theatre
Summit Players Theatre
The Box Theatre Co.
The Constructivists
Voices Found Repertory
Windfall Theatre


Next Act Theater
255 S Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53204