All In Productions has appointed a new Artistic Director, Erica Case. Case is replacing Robby McGhee, a founding member of AIP.

Erica Case is a Milwaukee native with over 10 years of local theater experience. She was an owner and founder of The Alchemist Theatre & Lounge, and is currently serving on the Board of Schmitz n’ Giggles.

“I am inspired by what AIP has done and look forward to continuing that legacy with a future of collaborative, humanizing and inclusive artistic work. Transformation begins with hearing each other’s stories and I believe that AIP can support a wide range of emerging voices. I am excited to move forward with programming that not only engages and entertains, but also allows everyone to see themselves in our work,” Erica Case said on her new role.

“Erica brings an amazing blend of artistry, leadership, and experience to the team,” Executive Director and Co-Founder Alex Scheurell said. “Her work with the Alchemist produced some of the most compelling theatre in Milwaukee and we’re thrilled to have her be bringing that vision and her dedication to collaboration to AIP. We’re excited about the team we have in place, and cannot wait to see what the future holds.”

A new Artistic Director is yet another marker of growth for AIP, which is now in its fifth season. AIP added a Marketing Director this fall (Joy Pouros) and a development staff position (Niki Cairns). In addition to staff growth, AIP is collaborating with Milwaukee Opera Theatre on the regional premiere of Dave Mallory’s Preludes this season.

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