Against Type: Coming This May!

Against Type

Our next event… Against Type! – Roles I’ll Never Play But Could

This Memorial Day weekend, All In Productions returns once again to the Comedy Sportz Garage for even evening of fun performances and great prizes. Last year’s fundraiser event Manhood was a great success, and this year we are bringing back a local theater classic, as made famous by Uprooted Theater. So on May 26th and 27th, come on out and join us for Against Type! Roles I’ll Never Play But Could.

The concept of “Against Type” is simple — you’ll see performances in roles for which the actor is clearly not suited for some demographic reason, but is able to perform artistically. The evening will feature three scenes from popular playwrights re-cast “against type,” as well as performances of musical numbers performed by unlikely actors.

The event is being directed and conceived by Dennis Johnson, who regularly held “Against Type” events with Uprooted Theatre during its existence. We are thrilled to have him joining us for this event and lending his talents to our company.

In addition to these memorable performances, we are thrilled to once again offer a silent auction that promises to have plenty of great items. Last year’s selection was a hit, and this year is going to be even bigger and better.

Tickets for the event are $20 each, or you can reserve a full table of 8 for $120 (full tables also get a complementary bottle of champagne). However, if you know for sure you want to come and are interested in saving a bit of cash, we are offering discounted tickets and tables if you come to Circle Mirror Transformation and make your purchase there.

We can’t wait to bring you this fun, unique event in May!


Announcing the Cast of Circle Mirror Transformation


We are thrilled to announce the cast of Circle Mirror Transformation, coming this April to the Alchemist Theater in Bay View!

Here’s the cast list:

MARTY: Jennifer Grundy
JAMES: Joe Krapf
THERESA: Abby Stein
SCHULTZ: Matthew Scales
LAUREN: Sarah Caveney

We are very excited to work with this team, which is entirely new to All In Productions! We were also excited to have an excellent turnout of talented actors. Casting for such a small show is always difficult when it comes to turning people away, but we are grateful to be able to have such a high level of talent consistently show up for our auditions.

Tickets for Circle Mirror Transformation are now on sale, so get yours today! The show runs April 6-15 at Alchemist Theater.

Announcing Our Next Show and a February Fundraiser

We are thrilled to announce that our next show will be the play CIRCLE MIRROR TRANSFORMATION by Annie Baker!

When we were talking about shows we wanted to do this year, we knew we wanted to focus more on humanity and interpersonal relationships and the things that bring us together in a time in which there is so much discord. Circle Mirror Transformation is a wonderful, genuine, well-written story of a group of seemingly average yet fascinating people. It gives us a great character study of how people interact and perceive each other, and how they fall in love in even mundane circumstances, such as a community acting course.

The director of the play is Mitch Weindorf, who has worked with is previously in our MANHOOD fundraiser and as Burrs in THE WILD PARTY. There will be eight total shows, from April 6 to 15.

While we do not officially have audition times nailed down yet, they will be happening within the next couple of weeks, with rehearsals to begin immediately after. Stay tuned for an official audition notice shortly. Here are the roles being cast for the show:

MARTY (55, Female), The co-executive director of the community center and the teacher of the community acting course featured in the play.
JAMES (60, Male): An Army brat, James traveled extensively as a child but ended up at UC Santa Barbara. Marty’s husband.
TERESA (35, Female): Teresa is a new resident of Shirley, Vermont, having moved into her condo five months
SCHULTZ (48, Male): Recently divorced, Schultz is shy, genial, and unused to being alone.
LAUREN (16, Female): Shy, self-conscious, and uncomfortable in her body

Announcing our February Fundraiser: Let’s Love

In another important bit of news, we are holding a fundraiser this February, which we are calling Let’s Love.

This season, we are focusing on sharing stories of ordinary people who relate to each other in different ways. We are exploring friendships, love, relationships, families and inner crises. This is why we named our season theme Let’s Talk. We want to get talking about the things that bring us together and ways we can better relate to each other, rather than the things that divides us.

On February 1, we are kicking off our Let’s Love campaign on GoFundMe. February is, of course, the month of Valentine’s Day, so what better way to spread the love than to be a part of our mission to bring people together through theater? Our goal is to raise $5,000 in the month of February. 500 donations of just $10 would allow us to hit our goal, so any support you can provide, whether it’s financial or by spreading the word, would be greatly appreciated. This $5,000 would not only cover the rest of our performance rental space for Circle Mirror Transformation, but will also allow us to purchase the rights for our summer musical, so as soon as we hit our goal we’ll be able to announce our next show!

So this month, as we prepare for our next show and the discussions of how we perceive each other and form relationships that are certain to come out, Let’s Love as well, and give these stories the ability to be shared with our community.

We’ll post a link to the GoFundMe when it’s live on February 1st!

2017 Season Theme Announcement


2016 was a great year for AIP, and we’re looking forward to our 2017 season!

Our first two years at All In Productions have been unforgettable. After opening with The Last Five Years in December 2014, we continued with our 2015 season, Dreams versus Reality, with The Shape of Things, Little Shop of Horrors and Dogfight. All of these shows were bound together by the theme of characters who are either oblivious to the realities around them because they are caught up in their dreams, or characters who make their dreams into a reality.

Our 2016 season featured two shows, Ordinary Days and The Wild Party, as well as our first-ever fundraiser, Manhood. We chose not to stick to a theme this past year, opting instead to do shows we felt were meaningful and unique to the area, and once again featuring entirely local talent in the process.

Now, we are excited to announce the theme of our 2017 season: Let’s Talk.

2016 was a year of social and political turmoil. We watched in horror as racial violence and tension escalated across the nation. We continued to see debates about gun violence, about gender equality, and many other issues that are all too familiar. And most recently, we witnessed a presidential election that divided the nation more starkly than ever.

As the dust settled after the election, there seemed to be only one thing most people could agree on: it’s time to talk, and to listen to each other.

Theater has, for its entire existence, been both a means of escapism and a vehicle for critical discussion. It is tempting for theaters to push topical, “edgy” repertoire in an effort to make a larger impact on their communities. But now, in a time in which mass communication and media have made these types of broad-stroke discussions more accessible than ever before (for better and for worse), what society is craving are honest, genuine discussions about humanity itself. We are coming to a collective realization that if we truly want to change minds, we have to start by changing hearts, and that can only happen by focusing on what makes people think, feel and act the way they do.

So in 2017, Let’s Talk about what it means to be human, what it means to love, what it means to be a family, and why we are the way we are. Let’s crank down the noise, and begin to understand each other.

We currently have three shows planned for this year, two plays and a musical, which we will announce throughout the year. Each show focuses on human relationships, families and emotion, and each has been chosen to espouse intimacy and honesty. We are excited to share these stories with you and to continue our journey as a theater company.

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